Introduction of Pro-tape

Pro-tape is a cost effective solution to protect your floors, windows & doors, glass for scratches, dust, paint & polish stains during construction.

We make surface protection film suitable for substrates like Stainless steel, Coated metals, Aluminum Composite Panels, Clean Room, PVC/Plastic, Decorative laminates and Carpets. We can also design and manufacture protective film for any surface if the customer provides sample of that substrate.


Wooden Protection
Tile Protection
Carpet Protection
Glass Protection
Complete Protection From PRO-TAPE

Expensive flooring, clear glasses and finished doors are protected against scratches & damages. Allows scaffolding, tools and equipments to move on the floor. No need to clean Paint, Paan and Oil stains that normally remain even after completion.


Pro-Tape Window Protection Film acts as a barrier of protection for windows against various elements.It protects for up to 60 days with clean removal, leaving no residue behind. It can be used for construction, renovations, interior & exterior painting, door & window manufacturing, plastering, stucco, and brick acid washing.


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